Very cute dogs Video

Ryan from Yellowdog Grooming got in touch after viewing a previous film that we had made. We were excited about this project as we got to work with dogs! We love dogs and especially ‘Whisper’ – That’s Ryan’s Golden Retiever – She is the star of the film. She could stare into the camera like a pro. Ryan’s passion, skill and professionalism combined with his genuine love for what he does made this film a real pleasure to work on. We filmed over 1 sunny day in May and the final film was ready within 10 days. If you think your business could benefit from a film like this, email us. Any first meetings with us are free with no obligation but loads of ideas, coffee and great chat.

On Opening Yellowdog, I knew I wanted to set myself apart from my competition.  I wanted a way for my clients and potential clients to get to know me and understand why I started Yellowdog.  I knew as soon as I saw Ben’s work on another video that I wanted something similar for my business.  I thought about it for a while, factored in the cost and everything and decided to go for it.  It was the best decision I made since opening, My customers ate it up, they loved it and couldn’t get enough, It was shared thousands of times on Facebook and I went from being booked a week in advance to three months, just one week after the video went out.  I highly recommend this for any business, Ben was a complete Pro and had me at ease within minutes of shooting.  As a business we have grown tenfold with this one video, we have done very little advertising except this and I would credit Ben’s work with helping making Yellowdog known as well as it is.  I cannot thank him enough and the benefits far outweigh the cost.  We are actually getting another one in the near future to show everyone how we have grown.

Ryan Lee


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