The Bay Tree

Restaurant Video

The Bay Tree in Holywood commissioned Filmsbyben to produce an online video that would give an insight into the award winning cafe and restaurant.The owners William and Sue (Son & Mother) were both interviewed about their passion for delivering fresh local produce, innovative themed nights and approach to maintaining their award winning standards. It was a real joy to film The Bay Tree in action and to hear both patrons talk with such evident passion about what they do. My recommendation is to try their Cinnamon Scone with an Americano in the morning, stay until Lunch to sample their fish dish then join the wine tasting with 5 courses in the evening. Yes you really could spend all day there!

Ben has an incredible talent of genuinely understanding his customers’ individuality, allowing him to communicate their message, and their character, authentically.

I asked Ben for something that would give our customers an insight into what The Bay Tree means to us, and how that is reflected in our food and service. I couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting video – Ben not only grasped what it was I wanted, but with his creative skills and experience, far exceeded what I had envisaged.

William Farmer


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